Meet the Farmers

NeuDay Farm

Located just over on West Commander, NeuDay Farm sits nestled between neighbors and a hay pivot. Darrel & Cheryl Neuenschwander have built a hoop house, tilled through and amended an area for row crops and maintain a separate fenced area for outdoor garden veggies. The two are passionate about growing for Winnemucca and it shows in their soil. Beds of rich, organic soil are bringing forth all different types of vegetables - with rarely a weed. During the growing seasons, you'll find them out early each morning and again in the late afternoon hours tending the soil to ensure each plant has its very best shot for healthy production. In the off-season and heat of the summer days, they retreat to their shop where Cheryl creates original stained glass artwork and Darrel enjoys woodworking. 

rLm Ranch

rLm Ranch is a year round micro farm. Rusty and Mindi Leflar raise Angus steers, Berkshire pigs, various free ranging meat and layer chickens along with Royal Palm and Broad Breasted White turkeys. It's often comedy central as the two work their way through the ins and outs of pig escapes, artificial insemination, turkey herding and the occasional discovery of precarious egg clutches guarded by well-meaning but nimble minded free range chickens. While not chasing animals or studying the southerly end of a north-bound pig in hopes of an early heat detection, Rusty & Mindi raise a daughter named Rory who rounds the whole funny farm out quite nicely. The Leflars love the learning process and continue to apply what they learn in order to raise up healthy protein products for the tables of their customers, friends and family.

Partnering Vendors

Fallon is a bit of a green belt and the Lattin family of Lattin Farms has worked the land successfully for generations. The result is beautiful, organic vegetables from the Oasis of Nevada. Their farm is an amazing place not only filled with acres of veggies, but also hoop houses, a corn maze, a farmstand & so much more. When in Fallon, check it out!

Sand Hill Dairy is also located in Fallon and is spearheading Nevada's slow and low milk movement to provide the freshest and very best milk and cheese products around. Their approach to processing milk under low heat for a longer time results in a good old fashioned whole milk with a cream top. 

GLEAN is honored and humbled to offer fine products from these two Fallon farms that focus on quality and care.

Are you a Winnemucca farmer?

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